Our family came to Vermont from Alaska in 2009.  In Alaska, we raised sheep, pigs, and chickens.  Joseph grew up in Iowa, where his family raises Red Angus Beef Cattle and operates the farm that his been in his family for over 100 years.  Sarah grew up riding horses in Colorado and Oklahoma.  Both were raised in rural areas and have always dreamed of returning to farm life.


Jack is 11 years old and Adalene is 9. They love helping with animals, running through the hayfields, and hiking in the woods. They both show sheep and bantams (chickens) in their local 4-H Club.


Hurricane Ridge Farm is a 222-acre farm in central Vermont.  It has beautiful views of rolling hills and is nestled beneath Hurricane Ridge.  The property has hayfields, pasture, and managed woodlands.  The farmhouse, built in 1797, is full of history and character.

The property is enrolled in the Vermont Land Trust to protect it from commercial development and dedicate it forever to Vermont's rural, productive, and natural landscape. 


We started our flock of Romney sheep with just a few ewes and their lambs in 2013, but have grown to almost 100 sheep. We have both white- and natural-colored sheep.  They produce a beautiful, medium-length wool that is very popular with hand-spinners.


​Two years ago, we began crossing Polypay rams with some of our ewes to produce a quicker-growing lamb.  We have been very happy with the result! The lambs have longer legs, grow quickly, and have beautiful Romney-Polypay wool that has Romney traits, but is a bit softer!